For the love of Food

I have always had a yearning from a young age to cook for my family.  Always thinking of new ways to make dinner more interesting and healthy.  Yes i will admit that my ideas do not always “pan out ” so to speak and my partner is very good at keeping a straight face when telling me dinner was lovely. My biggest enemy is the recipe something I just cannot follow to the letter. My childhood was very isolated so the ingredients often had to be exchanged in order to make many things.


Eggplant Parmagana with steamed Pak Choy.( Find in Saldarys Recipies)


We had a wood stove in our kitchen growing up and this was a challenge for a young cook, the thing about cooking with wood is that not all wood is equal. The hottest wood and the best to heat the oven is definitely oak it burns so hot. However when you are learning this can be a challenge and there were many times i got it wrong, I remenber Mum made a French apple pie once and forgot it for 2 days it came out completely  cremated it held the perfect shape but was just charcoal.

If you have seen an episode of Live Free or Die this could be confused with how my family lived and will give you an idea of the ingredients or lack there of. I could make anything with Chicken. The rare chance that we got to eat Beef were the highlights. None of us are vegetarians however most of our meals contained very little meat so i have learned to make meals from beans and other pulses in order to add the protien that was needed. A quick soup can be made by taking
2 large carrots
1 large onion
1 large stick of celery
2 rashes of bacon
1 teaspoon vegeta
1 teaspoon vegeta chicken stock
1 cup of soup mix
1 cup split peas
3 cloves garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Cover with water cook about
1 hr





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